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Our website or platform offers and provide insights or Global market research reports which are based on global business intelligence by providing markets top publishers research reports.

We are the best source for global business market research reports and insights or products which helps to take the best and valuable strategic decisions that can success and growth of our clients business.

The KandJ market research has wide-range coverage of reports across various Industries. In case your research needs are not met by syndicated reports offered by us, we can help you by offering a customized research solution saving your valuable time and money.

We have experienced and trained staff that helps you navigates different options and lets you choose best research solution at most effective cost.

At you can begin with a keyword search using the Search field. When you find a report of interest, click on the title to view extensive product information, including a descriptive abstract and table of contents.

For any quires contact us at - +1 (661) 636 6162 (US),+91 932 580 2062 (IND) or write us an email at our research specialists will be happy to assist you and ensure that your requirements are fulfilled best in the industry.

You can contact our Client Support Centre using the form on the Right of any page with report description or by any of the following means:

By telephone: +91 932 580 2062 (India), +1 (661) 636 6162 (USA)

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No, You don't need to create an account by registering on our website for browsing our research database. Registration is only required if you wish to purchase any publication from our site. Your user account will automatically be created at the checkout if you are not registered with us. Please register for enhanced user experience. You can access your account section by clicking on "Account" link located on top right hand side corner once logged-in. In your account area you will be able to see your order history, wish lists and more.

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We offer comprehensive collection of market research reports, which have quantifiable and qualitative research on markets, industries, and companies. We have more than 750,000+ market research reports from over 280 leading global publishers. Our research specialists have in-depth knowledge of the publishers and the various types of reports in their respective industries. They save your time and money by personally assisting you in finding the right report.

The reports are produced by more than 280 leading global publishers and research firms. For more details View our publishers page.

Report prices are according the respective publisher. We offer special promotions through various publishers which is best in the industry. Get in touch to a research specialist to find the report which will best meet your needs and budget.

You can place an order in the following ways:

1. Online on our website Click "Add to basket" on the page with the report(s) that you wish to purchase. As a result, the selected report(s) will be added to the basket. Then you can make a final order by clicking "Checkout". You will be offered available payment methods. Please choose the appropriate one and follow the next instructions. Our Personal Consultant will contact you within 24 hours and will execute the delivery of the report(s) to the address you indicated. Note: In order to place orders using Basket and to participate in Customer Rewards Discount Program, you should sign in to our web site. For more information on the advantages of the registration on, please, see the reply to the 'Why register?' question. You can also pay for single reports by Credit Card or Wire Transfer without registration and using a Basket. Just click "Buy Now" button or "Invoice Me" button in the reports pages accordingly and follow the instructions to process the payment.

2. By telephone +91 932 580 2062 (India) , +1 (661) 636 6162 (USA) If you have any questions about our reports or wish to make an order, please call our Client Support Centre at +1 (661) 636 6162 (USA).

3. By e-mail: You can send an e-mail with your order to our e-mail: Please indicate the report(s) title(s), delivery address, banking details and preferred payment method. Our Personal Consultant will contact you within 24 hours and will execute the delivery of the report(s) to the address you indicated.

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Arrangements for Wire transfer or Invoice can be made by contacting customer service at  +1 (661) 636 6162 or +91 932 580 2062. You can write us an email at .

Publications in case of PDF format are emailed to you by the publisher. Some PDF publications can also be available for online download immediately. We have made special arrangements to deliver the PDF copy within 48 hours to your e-mail id, depending on the time differences or occurrences of holidays. In case of printed publications, our turnaround time for delivery is less than a few weeks.

Note for first-time buyers: For your security, please note you will be contacted within one business day to verify your information prior to delivery of your first purchase. If you make your first purchase over a weekend or holiday, you will be contacted the following business day.

By post (printed and/or CD-ROM) Paper (and/or CD-ROM) version of the report can be shipped to your mailing address (we use mainly DHL or EMS). For hard copy shipping charges please contact your Personal Consultant.

Yes, you can buy your desired chapter/page or the entire report, by just clicking on the table of contents in any report and selecting chapter of your interest. We do have separate pricing for chapters/reports/excel sheets/presentation pages etc.

Our standard policy is to sell the report as a single entity. Such strategy prevents any contextual misunderstanding that might arise because of the absence of the remaining chapters. The selected report fragments may lack valuable statistical data and other information unfolds in the outstanding chapters, without which the picture might be incomplete. In case you need the separate chapter(s) of the report, please contact your Personal Consultant using a request form at the right side of the reports page or call +1 661 636 6162.

A shipping charge may apply when data is shipped in printed format. Shipping and handling charges are charged to the customer, based on the weight of the items ordered. Although the precise amount of the charges need not be stated. All shipping charges are available for review on the Shopping Cart screen prior to confirming your order. A flat rate for hard copy mail delivery is USD 120.

Unfortunately, the specific character of an information product could not stipulate its valid return in case of non-payment. Consequently, we do not send any materials until a full payment arrives.

To ensure the successful delivery of your order, please ascertain that there is adequate room in your inbox to receive the ordered report. Also, check that your email account is configured to receive both PDF and Word document attachments. It may be necessary to contact your administrator to make sure the email hasn't been trapped by a spam filter.

Do call us or e-mail us the topic of your preference. Our dedicated team on analysts will prepare a report as per your preference and requirements.

We send discount offers through email as per your request. In case you would like to receive discounts, please e-mail us at

For the book-keeping purposes we may provide a client with an invoice (receipt) in PDF form or original and/or other relevant documents if required. Please contact our Client Support Centre for all issues connected with documents background. Is it possible for me to order but get the report delivered to someone else? Certainly, we can deliver the report to your colleague. Just make sure you indicate the end user's email when placing an order. Thus, we ascertain to send the report to the correct email address.

What is your refund/return policy? Due to the nature of information products and the ease with which their value can be transferred, most of our research partners will not accept returns under any circumstances. However, we will do our best to accommodate return requests and handle each on a case-by-case basis. For further information regarding the process and conditions of returns please see our terms & conditions page.

Yes we will email you official invoice after payment confirmation with the order details once we receive your payment.

Before that we will send you pro-forma invoice after placing the order.

Please read all information available on our website related to the content carefully before placing the order. The content available through our website is confidential in nature and any cancellation of order or refund once the product has been shipped is not possible. Any cancellation and refund before order is shipped is at the only option of KandJ Market Research.

We offer market research reports, which feature quantitative and qualitative research on various markets, industries, and companies. The formats and lengths of reports may vary from 7-page company profiles to exhaustive 1,000-page industry studies. The majority reports represented at are independent studies, which are available as PDF downloads or bound print copies. We have developed a report classification system (helpful when purchasing the report) to evaluate the level of research elaboration. The following report types are introduced: Article - an analytical essay on market state and/or its trends; Book - a manuscript in classic printed or electronic form; Brief Review - a concise market survey; Business Directory - a business-related catalogue with contact details; Data Base - a collection of data organized in such a way to provide effortless information search and sorting; Periodicals - a regularly issued publication on a specific market; Reference Manual - a reference book; Strategic Report - an analytical market study.

Every single report price is set by the respective research partner. Representing a global provider of ready-made reports and acting as a gateway to the international market of business-oriented research studies at no extra costs for our clients, we often give prices that are even lower than those proposed by the research companies themselves. Our regular customers may join our advanced system of discounts and bonus which, under rich choice of options and reduced prices, allows them to use their marketing budget in the most effective way. Speak to our Customer Support Centre to find the report which will best meet your needs and budget. Is quality control applicable to report preparation? Our research partners (professional companies with years of experience in preparing marketing research) feature impressive portfolios with major research projects on specialized fields. Their expert work has already gained positive critical acclaim from the clients.

What formats do the publications come in? The publications mainly come in Adobe Pdf, rarer in Word, PowerPoint documents and hard copies. Can I have the report updated or customized? Yes, our specialists in collaboration with research partner companies can prepare an updated or customized research report. We are here to put together all possible options and tools to perform the research on your requested topic. Please contact our Customer Support Centre by email or by phone +1 661 636 6162 to order a customized research report. How about being able to resell or publish a report after its purchase? Every single report is copyright reserved by a respective research company. Consequently, the report or any part of it may be used within the purchasing entity or for private (non-commercial) purposes only. Transmission of the entire report or any part of it to a third party is strictly prohibited.

Report prices are according the respective publisher. We offer special promotions through various publishers which is best in the industry. Get in touch to a research specialist to find the report which will best meet your needs and budget.

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